Cookie dough 

The other day I was baking cookies and my 14 month old daughter really wanted to taste the dough, being a dough eater myself (who isn’t?) I wanted her to try it, but for obvious reasons (raw eggs) I didn’t. Then I had a brilliant idea- I know you can use Nomiku to pasteurize eggs so why not use it to make ‘raw’ cookie dough?

There were two types of approaches I was considering:

1. Pasteurize eggs and use those eggs in the dough.

2. Make the dough and place it in a Nomiku bath and heat it to a temperature.

Since there are tons of recipes on how to pasteurize eggs, I decided to try the latter. Salmonella is instantly killed at 71°C so that was my starting point. After playing around with different time and temperature settings, a blind taste test, and eating far too much cookie dough….I think we got it!


Chocolate chip cookie dough

Makes 12 cookies (450 g cookie dough)


3/4 c brown sugar
1/2 c butter
1 tsp molasses
1 large egg
1/2 vanilla pod, seeds scraped
1 1/4 c flour
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 c dark chocolate chips, chopped

  1. With an electric mixer, beat eggs and sugar for 2 min.
  2. Add egg, vanilla and molasses. Cream mixture for 10 min (this incorporates a lot of air into the dough making it more fluffy).
  3. Add flour, salt, chocolate and mix until combined.
  4. Place in refrigerator for about 1 hr.
  5. Set your Nomiku bath for 72°C.
  6. Remove dough from fridge and divide into 12 balls.
  7. Place 1 or 2 cookie dough balls in a food safe zip-bag and press each ball of dough until it’s about 1 cm thick. Displace air, and place the bag in the Nomiku bath for 5 min
  8. Remove from bath, and place in fridge for about 5-10 min (or until it reaches room temp).
  9. The cookie dough is ready to be enjoyed! You can eat it by itself or add it to an ice-cream recipe. You can place it in the freezer for whenever the munchies strike.

Please note that this cookie dough recipe was specifically designed to be enjoyed as a “raw cookie” dough hence the lack of leavening ingredients. However, you can still bake it at 350F for about 12 min or until nice and golden- we tried them both ways and loved them! The 10 minute creaming results in a fluffier cookie (and nicer ‘raw’ cookie dough texture), so if this is not the texture you are going for I would only cream for 2-4 min.


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