Hola, my name is Nadia and I’m a Mama In Love with Food living in Montreal and Mexico, and this is Kitchenani. My family loves entertaining; feeding our family and loved ones. We make food from scratch, no shortcuts. Just real, comforting, healthy home cooked food. And that’s what you’ll find here!
My family is a mixture of different cultures (Mexican, Chilean, French, Italian and now Arabic), and they all influence our food and how we cook. We come from countries that gather around food. Like my dad says “the kitchen is the heart of a home.” 

I love cooking, eating, drinking (wine & tea), travel, getting inspired and sharing.

Thanks for visiting and provecho!

Toni you inspired this. Anyone that has eaten your food knows that everything you touch is delicious! To and for my family and friends whom I love…. I am blessed to be a part of your life!

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  1. Brecon says:

    All of this food looks amazing!!!! My mouth is literally watering!!! Keep the posts coming…I may attempt some of these recipes even though they won’t ever be quite as good as yours!!! :)

    1. Kitchenani says:

      Aww B! you are so sweet! Thank you so much!!

  2. Diana Alfaro says:

    Hi Nadia I would like to invite you to a wine tasting next week in Montreal! do you have a contact email where I can send you all the info.

  3. Sonia D'Elia says:

    Hi Nadia!

    My name is Sonia D’Elia, press relations manager at I-D Foods, importer of specialty food products. Our brands include Maille, Gogo Squeez, St-Michel, Blue Dragon, Colavita, Delverde and more.

    We would like to invite you to a special event hosted by Jules Destrooper, on September 25th. The event will take place at La Guilde Culinaire and animated by the chef Jonathan Garnier.

    Could you please send me your email address so I can forward you the invitation?

    We hope you can join us! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

    Sonia D’Elia
    Press relations manager

    1. Kitchenani says:

      Hi Sonia, thank you for the invitation please send it to kitchenani@gmail.com! Hope you have a great weekend

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