A little BBQ inspiration

Since its obviously bbq season, I’ve decided to compile some of the recipes that I’ve featured here so you can get some BBQ inspiration! So weather you are celebrating the 4th of July, or celebrated Canada day {Happy be-lated Canada Day!} this past week here are a few of my summer favorites!!

Chilean BBQ Marinade {click here}

South American BBQs are my favorite, their marinades are so simple and really compliment the meat. They are not overbearing, so the flavor of the meat shines through. Ultimately, isn’t that what you want, to taste the meat? Why not enhance the flavor with this!

Alternatively: Mexican twist!
Last week, while a friend was visiting from NY, we decided to put a Mexican twist on the  Chilean Marinade- we basically wanted to have tacos- so we added some extra heat to the marinade, in the form of smokey chipotles. Tasty meat, fresh tortillas, avocado, cilantro, and salsas {for two typical Mexican salsas click this}…. what else do you need?

Chimichurri {seen here}, is another BBQ staple at my house. Although I normally reserve it for the table, you can also use it as a tasty marinade or brush it on the meat as you grill!

The simplest has to be the greek style marinade {to get to the Greek click here}. Tastes lovely on lamb or chicken!

Speaking of chicken… I absolutely love using yogurt-based marinades on chicken. Specifically greek yogurt. It’s heavy texture, an low fact content leave the chicken super moist! There is nothing more dreadful that dry, chewy chicken! Here is the basic yogurt marinade I use. Alternatively,  I like swapping dill for tarragon and adding lemon zest {or lemon confit}!

If you like pork, I recommend the Chilean pork marinade {seen here}.Or the lovely maple & mustard glaze for ribs!
 Ultimately cooking- especially BBQing- is about having fun! Try new things, explore new recipes and make them your own!

Happy BBQing everyone!!

And with the left overs, a breakfast sammich!

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