Easy and healthy lunch 

With a newborn in my arms and a toddler running around (and packing for our move) I barely have time to eat let alone cook! So my lunches have to be quick and satisfying, but a bit on the light side so I don’t feel sluggish the rest of the day. Thankfully, late summer produce is still available and we are enjoying juicy Quebec tomatoes.

So most of my lunches look like this, a bowl of fresh produce with a simple dressing to highlight the summer taste. This one is lightly wilted Quebec baby kale, Qc tomatoes, ricotta, soft boiled egg, tahini dressing and sumac. For kale-based bowls I like to mix tahini, olive oil, lime or lemon juice. If I have a bit more time I add crushed garlic and a pinch of cumin. For tomatoes and cucumber based salads I simply use good quality olive oil and fresh mint or basil. 

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