Easter Fun – Simple Easter DIY & Kiddo activities

Easter is around the corner (can you believe it!) and as a first time mama, I find myself looking for fun ways to introduce Easter to my little one. Here are a few snippets of inspiration.

1. Classic Sugar Cookies with ALL natural colored icing… not only are they delicious they are so much fun to decorate! 

I found this delicious recipe on Instagram from talented Nicole from @pepperandpalate. They are quickly becoming a family favorite!! I like to scrape the seeds of half a vanilla bean and use it instead of vanilla extract for a stronger vanilla taste.

For an ALL Natural (read: kid friendly) colored icing I used the following.

 All Natural Colored Icing

1 c icing sugar
1-2 tbsp milk

1. In a small bowl mix sugar and milk until well combined.
2. For the COLOR divide icing into different containers and add the following ingredients:

  • Purple- frozen blueberries
  • Pink- hibiscus tea
  • Yellow- turmeric powder

You can vary the amount depending on how intense you want the color, from soft pastels to deep hues.

2. Little details around the house, like some fresh flowers or some Easter chocolates, can really brighten up your place (especially if you are still surrounded by snow outside!)


3. Simple activities, like coloring Easter printouts can be fun for kids (and adults!) 

There are tons of adorable Easter coloring pages available online, they range from the typical bunny and eggs to more religious. Print the ones you like, get some crayons and let the little ones (and not so little ones) go to town!

How are you celebrating this Easter?

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