Matcha Salt

This simple seasoning is perfect for summer! Add it to grilled fish or seafood for a vibrant punch of color and taste.

Matcha brings a lovely green, grassy flavor that pairs wonderfully with seafood! The lemon zest helps liven up the mix.

What you need:
1 tbsp Maldon salt
1 tsp Matcha*
zest of one lemon

In a small bowl mix all ingredients together. Make sure salt crystals are well coated with matcha.

I like to add this seasoning in the last 30 sec of cooking. So if you are doing sauteed shrimp simply add the seasoning towards the end, toss and make sure the seafood is well coated (30 sec). Remove from heat serve and add some chopped herbs like cilantro and chives. Serve with lemon/lime wedges.
photo 1

*When making 3 ingredient recipes remember that the quality counts! I like using Maldon salt and good quality matcha (like Matcha Mastu or Grand Cru Matcha)

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