Christmas Menu Inspiration

Christmas 1

One of the things I look forward to the most- come the holiday season- is planning Christmas Eve’s dinner. I love perusing glossy magazines, blogs and the web for inspiration.

Looking for a theme or an ingredient.. getting inspired by a special dish or a longstanding family tradition.

Inviting loved ones into the conversation- getting one another excited about this special celebration.


These past two Christmas Menu’s have been inspired by Nona’s Italian roots.. so this year we are perhaps looking to a new destination…

Here are a few lovely links if you too are looking for inspiration:

~A favorite family tradition : Bacalao a la Vizcaina
~A little French influence : Mousse de foie de voilaille & this lovely soup
~A stunning little starter : Smoked Trout with cactus leaf
~This potato gratin or perhaps this one
~What about some duck, or a perfect roast suckling roast here or a boneless one here or a light lobster stew
~Let’s not forget about this simple dessert or the pretty ones here

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