Pregnancy meal plan

After seeing a few pregnant mommas stressed about eating healthy during their pregnancies,  I thought I’d share what my meals looked like when I was pregnant.


My meals consisted of easy and colorful dishes. I didn’t really restrict myself. I ate what my body wanted to eat; if I craved ice cream or frozen yogurt I would go ahead and have one serving, but I wouldn’t go over board. I indulged in guilty cravings here and there (ahem pasta, fried chicken, pizza) but I didn’t use my pregnancy as an excuse to over eat. I focused on eating a variety of colors to make sure my baby got enough vitamins and nutrients.

I was blessed with a healthy full-term pregnancy & baby. During which I gained a total of 10 kg. In the first trimester, I was very sensitive to smells so I ate whatever my body told me- mostly soda crackers, ginger snaps, cream cheese, cottage cheese, bananas, grilled cheese sandwiches and Kraft dinner (guilty!). At the end of the first trimester I started feeling more like myself, this is what a typical day looked like.

Banana and blueberry milk smoothie daily! Toast with avocado and a small cup of oatmeal OR a blueberry waffle with butter and maple syrup (sometimes all of the above!)

Morning smoothies really helped increase my fruit intake they are delicious and a great way to start your day. And hey if the waffle has blueberries it counts as fruit, right?

Morning Snack:
Almonds/peanuts, dried fruit and cheese OR seasonal fruit with yogurt and granola (or a cookie why not!)

Multicolored salad with a hard boiled egg OR a hefty sandwich.

For the salad I tried to use any leftovers from the previous meals – got some leftover quinoa? Just toss it up with whatever veggies you have in the fridge like some kale, tomatoes and radicchio with a balsamic and grain mustard vinagrette. If I was in a rush I would make myself a sandwich on whole wheat toast. I always tried to incorporate protein and iron-rich foods.

Evening snack
Cucumber and tomato slices with zaatar and labneh or bread and cheese spread

Steamed sea bass {en papillot} with pasta and green salad

For dinner I always tried to have protein, a side of carbs and greens. I tried to incorporate fish and seafood at least once or twice a week. Normally I would have roasted chicken or rabbit with roasted veggies and a side of polenta or quinoa. When I wanted to indulge I’d have a hearty pasta dish (like the one pictured above).

Late snack:
something sweet like banana bread and almond milk!

During my pregnancy I baked a lot- mostly because I like sweet breads and also because I liked knowing what I was putting into my body. Towards the end of my pregnancy I started including dates in my banana bread, especially after Haloosh and my amazing doula mentioned how beneficial they are for birth (my doula even sent me some interesting articles about it).

I also drank tons of water and tried not to eat right before going to bed espcially in the last trimester to avoid heartburn, something I never experienced until I was preggo (what a joy… said no one ever!). A useful tip for those who suffer from heartburn drink chilled almond milk. I used to take a small glass of almond milk to bed and take sips whenever I felt the burn. It really helped!

The most important thing is to enjoy your pregnancy and relax! Don’t stress about weight gain and how much you are eating- think about nourishing your baby and your body. Enjoy this amazing time when its actually good to eat more!

What did/do your meals looked like when you were pregnant?

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