A tale of KBT: Syrian food & a lovely cake

After being bedridden for the past days, I’ve finally gathered enough energy to start writing again!

Last week flew by with the lovely bustle of visiting relatives and a couple of intimate celebrations, all centered around good food and wonderful company. We couldn’t be more grateful for our beautiful family & friends and talented vendors without whom these soirees wouldn’t have been possible.Just wanted to share with you a few images of the past week and give a big thank you to Damas & Janice {from Kitchen heals soul} for making this happen!

We had a few traditional mezze dishes like baba ghannouj, eggplant mutabbal, beet mutabbal, hummus and {my favorite!} mouhammara. Mouhammara is a beautiful burnt-red color puree mainly composed of walnuts & smoked aleppo peppers. It’s smoky, nutty and delicious!

I love how pomegranate is used as an accent to highlight flavors in Syrian cuisine, similar to how we use it in Mexico for Chiles en Nogada. The tiny arils give a lovely burst of fresh tartness that helps balance heavy dishes.

Fattet Mozat & Egglplant Maqlouba

Maqlouba literally means flipped upside down. It is a layered dish composed of cardamom & saffron perfumed rice, eggplants, minced meat, raisins, grilled pistacchio & almonds, and typically contains some type of protein like chicken or lamb. The dish is cooked in a pot and then flipped before serving, thus the name maqlouba.

If you follow me on twitter or instagram I’m sure you’ve seen this beautiful cake by the talented kitchenhealssoul. I was looking for a simple celebratory cake with buttercream icing but was at a lack of ideas, when someone kindly suggested kitchenhealssoul. Janice was kind enough to answer all my requests and last minute changes. She made two wonderful 8-inch, 3 layered cakes, with luscious & sweet Italian meringue buttercream icing!

It looks as good as it tastes :)

One of the things I love most about food is that it always brings people together, there is nothing more satisfying that sharing food with your family & loved ones!

Thank you for sharing this with me & have a lovely weekend!

انا بحبك

Photo credits : Dubi!

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