Recently, a friend of mine was kind enough to gift me delicious Saudi Arabian dates. Many of my friends speak wonders about this fruit, but I was never too thrilled about them until I tried these ones! Their subtle honey flavor {not at all overtly sweet like medjool kind} and slightly crunchy top were divine. Apart from their lovely flavor, I was attracted to their texture that was neither sticky, nor powdery like the ones I’ve had before.

These little, middle eastern fruits are enjoyed throughout the year, but specially during the month of Ramadan for their nutritious properties.

Dates {tamr in arabic} are great source of energy, sugar, protein fiber, and potassium among others minerals and nutrients.

They are typically enjoyed with milk or yogurt to break the fast during Ramadan, or pitted and stuffed with nuts. They are a healthy snack between meals or after the gym. Many chefs are now using them as alternative, natural sweeteners  to cut down the use of refined and processed sugars.

Sweetened Milk

For a lovely, sweetened milk add 4 dates per cup of milk, let stand in the refrigerator {at least 4 hrs} so the milk gets thoroughly infused with the honey-comb like flavor.

Other wise, if you would like to enjoy it as a warm drink, I suggest you heat the milk in a pot and just when it simmers, add the dates. Turn off the heat, cover and let stand for    minumum 20 min.
I’m currently working on a Date & Chocolate Truffle recipe :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ah, that’s one of the more refreshing drinks I’ve had in the Middle East/SW Asia. Quite sweet though, and combining this with a couple of hits of baklava make for a very shaky day. Have you tried cardamom milk?

    1. Kitchenani says:

      I love sweetened milk, but I have never tried cardamom milk. Hmmm now I really want to try it!! Thanks for the suggestion/comment :)

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